Why Choose Razor-Back?

The Recognized Leader In Professional Landscaping Tools

Since 1936 Razor-Back Tools have been in the hands that tackle the toughest jobs known to man. Scroll down to see why millions of professionals choose Razor-Back over all other hand-powered tool brands.

The Standard
of Excellence

Demanding jobs call for the toughest tools out there. That's why professionals have relied on Razor-Back tools for more than 80 years. Razor-Back tools are made for pros, built from the strongest materials and packed with the features you expect. This isn't just lip service: we back every Razor-Back tool with a Lifetime Warranty.

When you need tools that can do the job right without excuses, count on Razor-back.

14 Gauge Steel

Razor-Back tools are made with thick heavy- gauge steel for supreme durability. Our shovel heads, ferrules and sockets are forged from tough American steel, hardened by a unique forging process that we invented 200 years ago.* *Our parent company, Ames, was founded in 1774.

The Supersocket ®

The SuperSocket® is a full five inches longer than standard industrial-grade sockets. Made of hardened steel and featured on many of our long-handled tools, the SuperSocket forges a stronger socket connection for extra reinforcement when you need it most.

The Powerstep

Digging through deep, heavy rock and soil calls for brute force and unwielding strength. The PowerStep answers the call with an oversized cleat step for extra leverage, more secure footing and raw power.

Heavy Duty Grips

Ask any pro and they'll tell you that if a tool's grip breaks, work stops. Razor-Back's durable cushion grips stand up to the most demanding work, absorbing harsh vibrations and reducing fatigue. These grips have been tested tough in all weather conditions, keeping you in control at all times.

Steel Armor D-Grip

For ultimate control and leverage, look no further than the Armor-D grip. Built for heavy jobs, the wood handle is driven inside the steel Armor-D grip. The Armor-D grip encases the wood handle and prevents twisting. The result is increased grip strength and improved safety in the wettest, muddiest conditions – even when dealing with back-breaking loads.

Hardwood Handles

Sure, North American hardwood looks good - but it's strong, lightweight and stiff too. Razor-Back uses hand selected hardwood, known for its shock absorbing qualities, for all of our wood-handled tools. It's durable and splinter-resistant thanks to our premium lacquering process and unique ergonomic design.

Features Demanded by the Pros

The only way to build professional grade tools is to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Real world input from thousands of pros have helped us refine our tools to meet the demands of the toughest jobs.

14 Gauge Steel



Heavy Duty

Steel Armor

Hardwood Handles

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A Tool for
Every Tough Job

The Razor-Back family of tools has been carefully designed to support all professional trades. Whether you're building a road, laying a foundation or working on the farm, there's a Razor-Back tool standing ready to make your job easier and safer.

Check out our Tools By Trade section to find tools that professionals like you use everyday to get the job done right.

Our Tools are American Manufactured

Razor-Back tools are manufactured in the USA, with materials predominantly sourced from the United States. In addition to proudly employing more than 1300 American workers at our plants nationwide, we make it a point to buy from US suppliers, too.

When you need to build the best tools in the world, why go anywhere but the best the world has to offer?

Lifetime Warranty

Time and time again we hear that the pros can count on Razor-Back to have their back. If their tools don't perform or if they break, the job won't get done. It's as simple as that.

That's why every Razor-Back tool comes with a Lifetime Warranty,
the best in the business.