Specialty Rakes

14 Tine Asphalt Rake, Forged, with Wood Handle

Specialty Rakes#63125

14-tine Asphalt Rake


The Razor-Back asphalt rake is designed with a long metal shaft. This metal shaft can be put in hot asphalt to spread it. The 14 steel tines are designed with heavy pattern. It is a heavy-duty rake that is great for contractor and professional use, as well as serious homeowners.


78″ height × 17″ width × 4″ depth


Ltd. Lifetime

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63125 Forged 14-tine head

14-Tine steel Asphalt Rake

One-piece forged head

63125 Hardwood Handle

60"North American hardwood handle

63125 Strong Head Connection

Extra-long 8" steel ferrule

With cap for strongest blade to handle connection