Steel Scoops

#8 Western Pattern Steel Scoop with Wood Handle and Steel D-Grip

Steel Scoops#53117

#8 Western Pattern Steel Scoop with D-grip
#8 Western Pattern Steel Scoop with D-grip


This heavy-duty steel scoop is great for moving grain, mulch, soil, sand, or even snow. It can also be used for general clean-up, leveling off areas that need to be flat or for scraping debris from hard surfaces. The Western pattern ribbed blade will hold up during even the toughest jobs.


42.325″ height × 13.875″ width × 8.5″ depth



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30" North American Hardwood Handle

53117 Steel Scoop

Steel blade size #8

For durability and long life

Steel D-Grip

Encases the wood and prevents twisting

53117 Western Pattern

Western Pattern

Hollow-back, ribbed blade